Sustainability at Hotel Gent

''Be part of the solution, not of the pollution.''

That is what Van der Valk Hotel Gent stands for. Keeping the world livable for current and future generations is very important to us. With every decision the hotel considers the impact on the environment and we encourage everyone to be environmentally aware.

One of the sustainable solutions Hotel Gent offers is the so-called "Green Option". Hereby we encourage our guests that stay longer than one night to skip the in-between room cleaning. When guests choose this Green Option, we as a hotel plant a tree in return through GoForest.

In addition, since 2022 we have also managed to obtain the Green Key Gold. Green Key is the international quality mark for companies in the recreation and leisure industry and the business market. For example, we try to limit our waste to a minimum, we do not use disposable hand towels but reusable ones in the toilets and we tap our own drinking water in reusable bottles in Restaurant Cocotte. These are just a few of the things we do to treat the world as sustainably as possible. More information about our sustainable developments can be found on our Green Key page.