Sustainability at Van der Valk Hotel Gent

''Be part of the solution, not of the pollution.''

This is what Van der Valk Hotel Gent stands for. Keeping the world livable for current and future generations is very important to us. Thus, the hotel considers the impact on the environment with every decision and we encourage everyone to be environmentally conscious.

Our sustainable initiatives

At Van der Valk Hotel Gent, we believe that small efforts can make a big difference when it comes to sustainability. Therefore, in and around Van der Valk Hotel Gent, we do everything we can to make the best possible contribution to reducing our ecological footprint without compromising our hospitality. After all, we are convinced that hospitality and sustainable business can go hand in hand seamlessly. We are proud that together with all our colleagues we can make a difference! Together with our colleagues, we do this by, among other things:

Sustainability at Hotel Gent


At Van der Valk Hotel Gent, you can make the choice to skip your room cleaning and plant a tree in exchange. We cooperate with GoForest, an organization whose mission is to fight deforestation by planting trees in developing areas. If you choose to skip your cleaning, we will plant a tree in Madagascar in partnership with GoForest.

Sustainability at Hotel Gent


Discover Ghent and its surroundings with the most fun sustainable means of transportation: the e-chopper! These modern electric scooters are the perfect companion for both tourists and locals looking for a unique and eco-friendly way to discover the city. One of the biggest advantages of e-choppers is their eco-friendly nature. At a time when sustainability and environmental footprint awareness are of great importance, these electric scooters offer a green alternative to traditional motorized transportation.

Sustainability at Hotel Gent

Gold Green Key certification

Van der Valk Hotel Gent has also managed to achieve the golden Green Key certification since 2022. Green Key is the international quality mark for companies in the recreation and leisure sector and the business market. For example, we try to limit our waste, use reusable towels in the toilets instead of disposable ones and tap our own drinking water in reusable bottles. This is just some of the things we do to be as sustainable as possible.

Sustainability at Hotel Gent


Van der Valk Hotel Gent offers an exciting way to explore the city: the E-bikes. These electric bikes allow guests and visitors to experience Ghent in an ecological and easy way, while enjoying the breathtaking scenery and historical sights. It's a great way to combine your love of the environment with exploring Ghent's cultural riches.

Sustainability at Hotel Gent

Local CSR initiatives

We are always working to make the hotel more sustainable through sustainable innovations. For example, there is ceiling air conditioning in every room. We also do rainwater recovery. Of course, this is just a selection of all our sustainable actions. At Van der Valk Hotel Gent, we are very future-oriented. We strive to continuously improve our performance in the areas of occupational safety, sustainability and environmental care. The fact that we are sustainable is expressed in numerous ways.

Sustainability at Hotel Gent

Electric scooters

The electric scooters at Van der Valk Hotel Ghent are designed for convenience and fun. They are lightweight and maneuverable, making them ideal for both experienced steppers and beginners. With an electric drive, even Ghent's steepest hills can be climbed effortlessly. Choose Van der Valk Hotel Gent's electric scooters and experience Ghent in a modern, energy-efficient and fun way.