Street Art tour in Ghent

Exploring the city in a different way than the usual city walk along well-known attractions? Discover the most beautiful street art in Ghent with the various art tours. It is often said that a lively city is recognised by its street art. Ghent is such an open-minded, creative and modern cultural city. Discover the city of Ghent in a slightly different way with Ghent's 'Sorry, not sorry street art' plan which gives you an overview of all the beautiful colourful graffiti art in the city.

Sorry, Not Sorry fits within the City of Ghent's cultural focus on art in public spaces. Artists are encouraged to use the streets as a place to play and create, and at the same time, this way art is shown outside the walls of museums. This way, a bigger audience comes into contact with the work of top national and international talents.

The most famous location to admire graffiti in Ghent is the graffiti street, located in the Werregarenstraat in the city centre of Ghent. These days, the street is a cacophony of colours. The Werregarenstraatje is the open canvas for young street artists.

Different types of art tours:

  • Van Eyck tour (2 km)
  • Concrete Canvas tour (by foot = 7.5 km & by bike = 14.5 km)
  • Ghent street art for young people (2.5 km)
  • From stream to street art (2.8 km)
  • Discover Ghent as a surprising grafitti paradise (3.3 km


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