Cycling routes from Wielerverhaal

Route 1: Van Der Valk Waaierroute towards Terneuzen

The route is 130 km long and you cycle along the beautiful Flemish countryside. This is a sporty route towards the Dutch border past the picturesque village of Sint-Martens-Latem. You route starts from the Van Der Valk Hotel where there are plenty of bike parking facilities and a giant terrace, where you can have a drink before you start your great bike ride.

 Route 2: Van Der Valk Polder route towards Bruges

The route is 135 km long and you will cycle along the fantastic Polder region. Before your ride, you can have a quick coffee on the terrace of the Van Der Valk Hotel at the Ghent football stadium. This route has quiet and traffic-free roads so is ideal for a long endurance workout. It is also fun to explore the region along other roads.

Route 3: Van der Valk Tour of Flanders route towards the Flemish Ardennes

This route is 89 km or 103 km. This is a sporty route that introduces you to Flemish cycling history. With the longer 103 km route you will cover 910 altimeters. The 89 km route has 650 altimeters. Between and on the slopes there are a total of 17 cobbled sections. You route starts at the Van der Valk Hotel which is perfectly located on the outskirts of Ghent and it is a nice place to both head towards Oudenaarde and to enjoy a nice drink or well-deserved rest after the ride.

Route 4: Van der Valk bicycle route Meetjesland

This route is 120 km long. This route passes by banks, factories, the harbor, different roads and especially a lot of nature. With this route you will explore the Meetjesland and ride past the birthplace of Belgian cyclist Lotte Kopecky. Did you know that the name Meetjesland comes from the moats and small hedges that used to demarcate the land? These canals were straightened when peat was cut to drain off the water and were called "measuring ditches" in Old Dutch. Meetjesland, in other words. You route starts and ends at the Van der Valk Hotel where you can order a refreshing drink both before and after the ride to replenish your reserves.

In addition, you can rent e-bikes and e-choppers at the hotel. The e-bikes have a battery capacity of 625 watts on Eco mode. If you want to print or download the route map, you can do so via the article below.