House regulations Van der Valk Hotel Ghent

In the regulations below, you will find the main house rules that apply within our hotel. We ask you to respect and accept these rules.

  • A valid identity document must be shown for each room when checking in. The main booking party must be 18 years or older. 
  • It is not allowed to be present with more persons than the number for which a reservation has been made. Visitors must identify themselves at reception.  
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel and in all rooms. In case of violation, this is subject to a fine of €250.00. 
  • Candles in the room are not allowed for fire safety reasons.  
  • In case of damage to Van der Valk property, we will hold you liable for the costs.  
  • Emergency exits may not be used without an emergency.  
  • The use and/or trading of narcotics is not allowed. In case of violation, you will be immediately removed from our hotel without refund.  
  • Use of nitrous oxide is not allowed. In case of violation, this is subject to a fine of €150.00.  
  • Please do not cause nuisance in and around the hotel by loud music, unruly behaviour or noise of any kind. If you do, access to the hotel will be denied and no refunds will be possible.
  • Under all circumstances, we respect your privacy, however, we are authorised to enter your room in case of ''non-compliance with our house rules''.  
  • Van der Valk Hotel Gent is not responsible for loss or theft of your belongings. Should you leave belongings in the hotel room, this is at your own risk.
  • Verbal and/or physical violence will not be tolerated.
  • We operate a zero tolerance policy. This means that if you do not comply with our house rules, no warning will be given and you will be asked to leave the hotel immediately. No money will be returned and any deposit paid will be retained.  

By making your booking, you agree to abide by our house rules.

Team Van der Valk Hotel Gent wishes you a pleasant and safe stay.