Weleda City Spa Ghent

Facilities of the Spa

  • Finnish saunas
  • Turkish steam room
  • Luxury showers
  • Showers
  • Steam shower
  • Footbath
  • Relaxation area

The spa does not have a swimming pool or bubble bath.

Due to COVID-19 you need to make a reservation for the spa. This can be done a few days before your stay and is subject to availability. Reservations can be made at the reception desk upon check-in or by sending an e-mail to info@gent.valk.com. Would you also like to book a treatment? You can do so via the link at the bottom of this page.

The Weleda City Spa Ghent is located at Hotel Van der Valk Hotel Ghent. A unique place where you will find comfort and relaxation. As soon as you step inside, your massage or facial treatment will start. Our team is specially trained and together we look at what you need at that moment.

We use 100% natural Weleda products in all our treatments. The oils with which we massage have a base of pure plant oils and the scents come from 100% natural essential oils.

Our treatments have also been developed based on the connection between people and nature. This is reflected in the massage rhythms and rituals, which are inspired by the nature of certain plants on the one hand, and which reflect the rhythms in the human body on the other.

Our treatments reduce stress and bring you back into balance. After a treatment you feel reborn. So come and enjoy the Weleda City Spa!

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 10am -10pm
Sun: 10am - 5pm

Book your massage or facial treatment now

You can also book a treatment at the hotel reception.

After your treatment (directly before or after) you can use the wellness facilities for free for a maximum of 1 hour; steam bath, sauna, experience showers, foot bath, infrared radiators and relaxation room.

If you are staying in a comfort room, the use of the spa is not included. You can buy a day pass for €15 p.p. with which you can use the spa for 2 hours.

House rules in the spa:

  • The spa is open to people aged 18 and over (except if you are coming to the Weleda City Spa for the youth treatment (12-18 years))
  • Use of the spa is permitted in swimwear
  • Wearing slippers is desired
  • For clients who have booked a treatment in the Weleda City Spa a bathrobe and slippers are available