‘Be part of the solution, not of the pollution’

This is what Van der Valk Hotel Gent stands for. Our goal is to keep the world livable for current and future generations. With every decision we make, we consider the impact of that decision on the environment. We also encourage our guests to be more environmentally conscious. We do this by means of the 'Green Option'. This is an option that guests who stay longer than one night at the hotel can choose. Specifically, this Green Option skips the interim room cleaning. For every guest who chooses this option, a tree is planted in Madagascar with the help of Go Forest.

Since 2022, our hotel has also managed to achieve Green Key Gold. This is an international quality mark for companies in the tourism and leisure sector that take into account environmental protection within the company. We received this Green Key because we keep our waste to a minimum, because we do not use disposable hand towels, but reusable hand towels in the toilets and also in Restaurant Cocotte we tap our own drinking water in reusable bottles.
By the way, we are always working to make our hotel more sustainable through sustainable innovations. For example, there is ceiling air conditioning in every room. We also do rainwater recovery. Of course, this is just a selection of all our sustainable actions.

At Van der Valk Hotel Gent, we are very future-oriented. We strive to continuously improve our performance in the areas of occupational safety, sustainability and environmental care. There is a preventive safety policy so that no accidents happen, either to employees or guests. That we are sustainable is expressed in numerous ways. Especially the Green Key Gold awarded to our hotel is an example of this.