Pop-up Intermittent Living session with Siebe Hannosset

 What is intermittent living?

Intermittent living is a concept that stimulates the body down to the cellular level through factors such as lack of oxygen, cold or heat, hunger and thirst. Through these stimulations, the cells become stronger and can respond faster and more appropriately to similar conditions in the future.

Siebe Hannosset - Intermittent Living mentor - recently released his first book in which he talks more about the concept of Intermittent Living, its health benefits and his own experiences.

Check out Siebe Hannosset's website here

Intermittent Living session with Siebe Hannosset

On 28 September, Siebe Hannosset will come to our hotel to hold a pop-up Intermittent Living session on the terrace of our sky bar.

This 3-hour session will take place from 6pm to 9pm and will include:

  • Deep learning (theory)
  • Breath journey (practice)
  • Ice bath (practice)

A delicious smoothie and a small snack will also be provided. All this overlooking the skyline of beautiful Ghent, in the open air.

Do you often feel drained of energy, demotivated and just can't manage to focus? And are you ready to take the step towards a healthier life?

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Price is €125 p.p. and must be paid in advance.