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Oude Vismijn

The old fish market is known as one of the oldest markets in Ghent. In the 17th century it got its location on the Sint-Veerleplein where people could buy fish, meat and vegetables in the covered market hall. On the monumental entrance gate you can see Neptune watching the Scheldt (man) and the Lieve (woman).

Our rooms are standard equipped with the following facilities:

  • Water
  • Notepads, pens
  • Beamer and projection screen
  • Flip over
  • Free wifi

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Number of persons per room setup

  • U-shape

    16 pers.

  • Boardroom

    16 pers.

  • Theater

    38 pers.

  • School

    24 pers.

  • Reception

  • Gala

  • Cabaret

    32 pers.

  • Carré

    24 pers.

Location facilities

Room facilities

  • Dimensions: 7,8 x 6,3 x 3 m / 6,3 x 9.8 ft
  • Surface: 48 m² / 516.7 ft²
  • Climate control
  • Sound system with wireless microphone
  • Beamer with projector screen
  • Writing material
  • Dance floor
  • Water and peppermint
  • TV/video
  • Surface: m2
  • Flipchart
  • Acoustic ceiling
  • Bar
  • Projector screen

Optional facilities